The professional team at Reptile World are on hand to assist the public with encounters with wild reptiles.

For assistance call: 

Reptile World (office hours only): (02) 6651 5244 OR 0411 648 562

Adam Strickland (after hours): 0459 632 710

Tom Damaschke (WIRES Reptile Coordinator): 0427 545 338

WIRES: 1300 094 737


In the event of an EMERGENCY call 000 (triple zero)

At Reptile World we believe all snake bite victims, no matter what kind of snake they think they have been bitten by, should perform the pressure and immobilisation technique and seek medical attention immediately.

The wide variation in colour and pattern of our snakes can often lead to the wrong identification. Some snakes have a mild venom that may result in localised pain and swelling, however, as with bee stings, some people may have a more serious reaction which may, in extreme cases, result in anaphylaxis (allergic reaction).

For more information on snakebite first aid (pressure immobilisation) download the Australian Venom Research Unit's "First Aid for Snake Bites in Australia and New Guinea PDF, 335.2 KB".