View Venomous Snakes. Pat a Python. Learn about Lizards. And….Smile at a Crocodile.


Reptile World is the vision of Steve McEwan, whose passionate interest in reptiles and wildlife began in his childhood years.

Reptile World is pleased to offer a NEW Reptile Centre (located at the Big Banana Fun Park), live mobile reptile displays and reptile rescue service.


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A Word from Steve:

“When I was a very young boy, one of my first pets was a big green tree frog. It used to live on top of my digital clock enjoying the tiny bit of warmth that it produced. That tree frog could eat a whole mouse and would sit there with just the tail hanging out of its mouth for ages. Quite amazing!
From there I went on to keep bigger and better reptiles and amphibians as pets. Eventually my mum refused to go into my room, not knowing what she would find in there!
I spent most of my youth out in the bush looking for reptiles, observing them in their habitat and reading as much as I could about them. My dad used to say that if I devoted as much time to my school work as I did to studying reptiles, I would be a genius. I may not be a genius but I sure learned a lot just doing something I loved!
As a boy I remember wanting to learn everything I could about reptiles. As a man, that dream continues.”

Live Reptile Displays

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